Responsible Consumption

An increasing trend for people and economy

Increasingly, consumers want to minimise the economic, ecological and social costs of their lifestyle. At the same time, they want to make sure that their consumption also guarantees them as great a health and fitness benefit as possible. In the course of this development, healthy and environmentally compatible nutrition for people and animals has become increasingly more important.

In this context, there is a demand for products that are both natural and of high quality, and which are produced sustainably or using the minimum resources possible. In addition, these products should if possible be free of allergens like gluten or lactose. Responsible consumption also means that products can be used without waste or can be recycled and are also ethically acceptable, i.e. do not have drawbacks for humans or the natural environment.

For the responsible consumption sector we generally expect a dynamic development and substantially increasing demand, particularly in the segments nutrition, dietary supplements, cosmetics and pet food. We are looking at a number of steps in the supply chain, i.e. manufacturing processes, special ingredients, packaging or certifications. We intend to actively invest more in this sector in future due to the positive trends and emerging opportunities.

We are or have already been involved in the following companies in this sector:

  • AlphaPet Ventures & Healthfood24 – a leading provider of third-party and own-brand dog and cat food and a pioneer for sustainable and high-quality pet food in Germany’s premium pet food market
  • KM – KM PACKAGING GmbH is a global manufacturer of closures and closure solutions.
  • Solvis – Solvis is a developer and manufacturer of resource-saving and energy-efficient hybrid heating systems with a focus on single-family homes.
  • Axxence – Headquartered in Emmerich, Germany, Axxence Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural aroma chemicals (NACs) to the global Flavour & Fragrance (“F&F”) industry.

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