Management-Buy-Out / Management-Buy-In

Your vision becomes reality

As a corporate manager, you may get the opportunity to succeed the current owner of your company. Or perhaps you see lots of development potential at another company with which you are acquainted in a professional capacity. In these circumstances, capiton can help you with a management-buy-out (MBO) or management-buy-in (MBI).

Turn your vision into reality with a Management-Buy-Out (MBO)

In your capacity as a corporate manager, you may have been given the opportunity to take over from your previous employer. You now need to make sure that you have a suitable business plan for the company’s future and its financing. In these kinds of situations we can provide advice and support for your management-buy-out (MBO).

The alternative: Management-Buy-In (MBI)

Perhaps you’d also like to partner with other managers to buy and manage a company that you have not previously been involved in. Or you may be familiar with this company because you have worked there previously or have been employed by one of its competitors. In any case you have a good overview of the market.

With a management-buy-in you can come on board as a co-owner and managing director to realise your entrepreneurial vision. In this case, capiton can provide the necessary equity and advise you on the strategic and tactical decisions necessary for the takeover. This gives you all the leeway you need to turn your vision into reality.

In addition, we also work with managers who see a consolidation opportunity in a market that they wish to exploit through a buy-and-build concept. This means that a company takes over another company that usefully complements its own product range. This is then incorporated into the company’s portfolio to further develop the new business segment.

capiton has offered me the opportunity to leverage MiP’s great potential as CEO and co-shareholder. Since my appointment we have been working together on the company’s growth strategy, with great success.
Dr. Friedrich Sernetz, CEO MiP Pharma

Find out more about our participation in MiP Pharma.

Draw on our own experience

We have very specific experience of managers taking over a company, because capiton itself is the product of an MBO. As an investor, we have also helped many other managers to finance their MBOs or MBIs, so we know exactly what is involved in this kind of acquisition and what your concerns are. With our support, you can take the decisive step from manager to entrepreneur, as you become a business owner.

Basic philosophy

One of capiton’s key principles is to consistently pursue the same goals as our portfolio companies and their management. For us, it’s not about making fast profits at any price, but about the long-term health and prospects for your company and its workforce.


At capiton we aim for solid growth that fully leverages a company’s potential. This is why we generally set aside additional capital for our portfolio companies to enable them to consistently finance and implement their growth strategies. Excessive levels of debt are also not part of our philosophy.


During the dynamic value appreciation phase, capiton provides active support and expertise, without getting involved in the operational side of your business. You will benefit from our extensive experience of similar cases.


The result is a company that you can call home and that will be your future. It will be a company that you, your workforce, and indeed we can be proud of. Your very own company.

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