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Capital with vision

If you are a small or medium-sized company (SME) from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, capiton can help you achieve your ambitious goals. We don’t just offer you funding, but also our expertise and extensive personal support. We are good listeners, make decisions quickly, and are straightforward. Because we know that nothing generates more momentum than being in charge of your own vision.

Wundex Group

Wundex Group, with headquarters in Senden, Germany, is a leading home care provider for patients with chronic wounds. The company‘s qualified wound managers provide home care services that enable faster and more effective wound treatment and significantly reduce the workload of general care providers and physicians, backed by an integrated digital platform. In addition to treatment services, the company also offers a complete range of 60,000 home care products and decubitus systems. With its three business units: home care services, home care products and decubitus systems, Wundex has built a fully integrated unique home care offering.


Background information and news

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How it began

The capiton predecessor company was founded in the mid-1980s and capiton AG was established in 1999. In 2004, the company then became independent and self-governing following a management buy-out.

More about us


Today, the owner-managed private equity firm is led by a ten-strong team.

Track record

The capiton team has already supported more than 80 companies and realised over 70 investments. We currently have a total fund volume of €1.3 billion under management.

Range of investments

capiton invests in SMEs located mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We focus on profitable companies with a turnover of between €50 and €300 million and usually invest between €20 and €60 million of our own funds. We also partner with co-investors to realise much larger investments.