Industrial Technology

Expertise in worldwide demand

Industrial technology is in our DNA. It’s the sector we come from and we have acquired many years of expertise in this field. There is an unabated demand worldwide for products and processes from companies in this sector, because they ensure the smooth running of production processes and make entire supply chains faster, simpler and more efficient.

Now that approaches like cost reduction or process optimisations have largely been exhausted, development in the sector will gain new momentum thanks to digitisation. If industrial companies deploy digital technology to the full extent, turnover and profits will multiply due to more efficient and thus more flexible production.

Physical/mechanical production machines and software applications connect via data infrastructures to form cyber-physical systems. In recent years our investment focus has already taken account of this growing trend for digital connectivity (see current investments).

Based on the specific market dynamics, our experience and our network, as well as the availability of SMEs, we have concentrated on three key areas in this sector:

Electronics & Connectivity

This sector encompasses companies which offer electronic components as well as cables/connectors and advanced connectivity solutions. AEMtec is a current example in our portfolio.

Sensors & Instrumentation

The global sensor market is developing very dynamically with growth rates between 5-10% p.a. In this sector, we have the deepest and broadest expertise given our former (3) and current investments (2), all of them very successful.

Highly Engineered Machinery

This sector describes companies which develop intelligent and highly engineered machinery which directly contributes to a connected and more efficient production process. Our current portfolio company Raith is one example as well as Trioptics which we sold successfully to Jenoptik AG in 2020.

We are or have been involved, for example, in the following companies in this sector:

  • Trioptics – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical measurement and manufacturing technology
  • Raith – one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of fabrication systems and software for the manufacture and scanning of nanostructures
  • AEMtec – one of the world’s leading providers of engineering and electronic manufacturing services with a focus on micro- and optoelectronic systems
  • Cedes – a leading sensor technology company for lifts and doors

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