Buy-and-Build: create the market leader

With a buy-and-build strategy you create a new and stronger group of companies, with one company as the nucleus to which you add other acquisitions from the sector.

Create something totally new

capiton helps you create a new company on the market through intelligent acquisitions. Often, the secret to success is to deploy a buy-and-build strategy to form a new market leader in an as yet unconsolidated but promising sector. This results in a better-performing and even more successful company that is more professional and more stable than before.

The essence of the vision

A key prerequisite for this kind of project is a highly fragmented yet viable sector. It also takes a management team with the will, experience, drive and vision to integrate several companies to create a new market leader.

We understand how to create a new, larger and more successful company out of several market players. We know how to systematically harness the momentum for consolidation in a market. And we will advise you on how to form a corporate group while increasing the long-term value of the company.

capiton has made it possible for us to consistently exploit opportunities for market consolidation.
Jakob Mosser, CEO Schur Flexibles

Find out more about our former participation in Schur Flexibles.

Basic philosophy

One of capiton’s key principles is to consistently pursue the same goals as our portfolio companies and their management. For us, it’s not about making fast profits at any price, but about long-term healthy prospects for your company and its workforce.


At capiton we aim for solid growth that fully leverages a company’s potential. This is why we generally set aside additional capital for our portfolio companies to enable them to consistently finance and implement their growth strategies. Excessive levels of debt are also not part of our philosophy.


During the dynamic value appreciation phase, capiton provides active support and expertise, without getting involved in the operational side of your business. You will benefit from our extensive experience of similar cases.


Ultimately you will have created a company that is unique on the market. It will be well equipped for the future, provide a secure workplace for your employees, and will be more valuable than ever. It will be a company that you, your workforce, and indeed we can be proud of. Your very own company.

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