The right solution for every situation

Whether you are looking for a successor, want to secure future growth, or are planning a management buy-in: capiton will find the right solution for your challenge – no matter what your project is or what situation your company is currently in.

capiton made it possible for us to reorganise our shareholder structure, making our company fit for the future.
Uwe Wache, CEO LAP Laser

Find out more about our former participation in LAP Laser.

Thanks to capiton, we completed a successful MBO and were able to further develop the company independently. Today, we are significantly larger, stronger and more professional than we were back then.
Christa Hoffmann, CFO nora systems

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Over 200 years of experience in the team

The dedicated capiton team includes a wealth of experienced investment specialists. Their professional experience totals more than 200 years of private equity expertise; experience that pays off for our investors as well as for our investment companies.

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