Healthcare & Lifescience

An industry in motion

People are living longer and longer and want to stay healthy into old age. The highly innovative Healthcare & Lifescience sector offers a wide range of products and procedures that save lives and help to heal. It therefore makes a significant contribution to increasing life expectancy and improving people’s quality of life. The social trend towards a healthy lifestyle is also fuelling demand for corresponding products.


Demographic change is driving demand for medical technology products, while health expenditure is growing. At the same time, advances in medical technology are enabling more and more diseases to be treated.

On the other hand, companies in the sector need to devote more resources to meeting their obligations to provide comprehensive clinical data under the EU Medical Device Directive (MDR). Moreover, business, innovation and cooperation models are changing due to the worldwide shift in reimbursement schemes towards benefit-driven healthcare. A market shake-out is foreseeable.

In medtech we are currently involved, for example, in the following companies:

  • LAP Laser – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser projection and measuring systems for medical and industrial applications
  • Nicolay – manufacturer of cables, connectors and sensors for ventilators and other medical technology
  • GPE Group – system vendor for the complete medical technology supply chain, from design and development to fabrication, packaging and logistics
  • Wundex Group – leading home care provider of a fully integrated home care offering to patients with chronic wounds, consisting of patient-specific wound care services as well as a complete range of 60,000 home care products and anti-decubitus systems

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There is a lot of momentum in the industry. Global pharmaceutical producers are increasingly outsourcing their production to reduce their operating costs. This provides opportunities for external contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs).

At the same time, there are new growth opportunities in personalised medicine, where patients benefit from tailored therapies that also take account of a person’s individual physiological constitution and the gender-specific effects of medicines.

In Lifescience we have been or are currently involved, amongst others, in the following companies:

  • KD Pharma – one of the leading manufacturers of high-purity Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Zytoservice Group – Germany’s largest manufacturer of patient-specific cytostatic infusions
  • Dietrich Engineering Consultants Group – a leading supplier of closed powder handling systems, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Euro Vital Pharma – German market leader in OTC private label retail
  • MIP Pharma Group – manufacturer of a large number of anti-infectives, anti-rheumatic and analgesic drugs, as well as medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders
  • Axxence – headquartered in Emmerich, Germany, Axxence Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural aroma chemicals (NACs) to the global Flavour & Fragrance (“F&F”) industry

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