Responsibility is the key

For us, private equity is more than just money invested. With each investment we take responsibility, for our investors’ money and for the company and its workforce.

Carefully selected and scrupulously analysed

We don’t invest in just any company, but perform detailed due diligence on the performance, potential and strategies of potential companies. Because our experience has taught us that the vision and the foundation for it have to be a good fit. We invest in different sectors, because we see opportunities in more than just one place. In this context, we classify some sectors as being particularly attractive (for more information please see key sectors).

Investment criteria

A clear investment focus on specific sectors helps us and our investors to ensure the success of our company. This includes concentrating on investments in the SME sector. Although the scope of our investment pool has grown steadily, we continue to invest on the usual scale in small and medium-sized businesses.

Outstanding track record

The current capiton team has already managed more than 80 investments and over 70 exits. Every year, we analyse more than 100 investment opportunities. Since 1992 we have successfully concluded at least one transaction a year.

Our own network of advisers

Because we have our own network of advisers we can identify interesting investment opportunities at an early stage. This network also benefits our portfolio companies and their development. Our advisers make their knowledge available to our investment companies and help them to optimise their strategies.

Investments with an excellent reputation

Over decades we have built up our reputation as a reliable partner. We provide advice over the entire investment period and even after selling our investment we often continue to provide the company with support and expertise. Our former portfolio companies are always happy to provide us with testimonials.

A culture of committed partnership

At capiton, the team realising the investment provides the respective company with active support throughout the entire investment period, building trust and knowledge that subsequently pay off.

Shoulder to shoulder

We have much in common with the visionaries whom we support with our investments: foresight, the willingness to assume responsibility and the courage to identify and take on challenges. These similarities are one of capiton’s greatest strengths.

We also pursue the same goals as our portfolio companies, i.e. we strive for success through attractive, long-term business concepts that offer growth potential for all parties. This is why we act like an entrepreneur in the best sense of the term and do not chase short-term profits. Our objective is long-term success. This vision is what sets us apart from many other providers and brings us closer to the SMEs that we invest in.

Key figures that underline this successful approach:



is the average annual increase in turnover enjoyed by our portfolio companies during the holding period.



is the average annual increase in the number of employees in our portfolio companies during the holding period.



is the average annual EBITDA growth rate during our investments.

Responsible investment and action

We endeavour to act with the utmost integrity and responsibility in our dealings with portfolio companies, employees, shareholders, consultants and local authorities, and in the way we treat the environment.

ESG highlights within the capiton firm

  • In 2021, we have achieved carbon neutrality by partnering with ClimatePartner on a carbon offset project. ClimatePartner, an internationally presented group, offers climate action solutions and verified carbon offset projects in different regions of the world with different technologies.
  • As a first step, we have quantified our greenhouse gas emissions and are continually working to either reduce these or offset unavoidable emissions through carbon offsetting.
  • We now support an international carbon offset project combined with a regional initiative in Germany. Further information on this project can be found on
  • With this project we contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • This makes capiton carbon neutral and allows us to use the “carbon neutral” label by ClimatePartner. While we’ll continue to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, we continue to be committed to offset all unavoidable carbon emissions in the future.

We act responsibly, consciously and according to clear guidelines.

We are a member of Invest Europe, the association representing European private equity and venture capital companies, as well as the BVK (German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association). The guidelines of these associations enshrine responsible action and investment, approaches that are also integral to our own operations.

In order to underpin and further develop our responsible investment claim, we became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) in 2019.

Our basic principles are enshrined in the caption AG Responsible Investment Policy. We are convinced that our sustainable approach to investment results in long-term value appreciation and risk reduction at our portfolio companies. Thanks to our ESG Guidelines (environmental, social, and governance guidelines), the principle of acting responsibly is not just an integral part of the investment decision but also informs the ongoing support we provide our portfolio companies during the development (ownership) phase. This means that the liability of the management of our portfolio company is also largely covered in their favour.

Analysis and rating system for ESG

To implement the capiton ESG concept in the investment phase and subsequently in our investment companies and reporting procedures, capiton has partnered with a consultancy specialising in ESG. We have developed a specific analysis and rating system in collaboration with this external consultant. This system helps capiton to assess and evaluate the ESG risks and opportunities associated with potential investments and to integrate ESG aspects into the organisational structures and company procedures of our portfolio companies.

For further informationen you can visit our section Sustainability-related Disclosures.

Complaint management

capiton AG has implemented a complaint management system. It is important to capiton to record complaints appropriately, to analyse them and to implement appropriate measures to remedy them. A complaint can be sent by post to capiton AG (see address below) or by e-mail ( to the Compliance Officer, stating the name, the special AIF concerned, the reason for the complaint and the contact details. The complainants will be informed by e-mail about the processing progress as well as the result of the processing.

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